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Balen NutriLife


Best Quality with the Best Price! Wholesale Aromatherapy Oils & Honey Mixture Products

Balen Nutrilife Essential Oil and Honey Mixture products are 100% natural as we prepare food resources given us by nature.

All of our products are Halal, Kosher and GMP certified, and strictly quality controlled. Under today’s conditions in which people are in a rush and thus, speed up their eating habits, we have considered the changed consumer demands and we have achieved the production of food supplements for the first time in Turkey.

Our basic objective is to produce high quality products, useful to human health, considering unconditional consumer satisfaction first of all. We follow the world standards closely and we conduct joint projects with scientific institutions.


The Best Quality Essential Oil and Honey Mixture Products with Your Brand Name 

About Private Labeling Products 

About Private Labeling Products  

Balen Nutrilife provides essential oil and honey mixture products private labeling using the most pure and natural products of highest quality.

We ship your private labeled products to your location or warehouse. Feel free to email us with any questions regarding private labeling to 

How do I get started?

To get started, fill out the contact form below. You will receive an email with a brief questionnaire.
Please fill out as much information as you can, and send it back to us. Even if you’re not sure about your order, it helps to give us get a sense of your project.

As an alternative to private labeling, you can buy our essential oils and aromatherapy products at Wholesale or Bulk prices, and sell them under our brand name (Balen Nutrilife) for no set-up fee.

If you are interested in creating a Wholesale account or placing a Bulk order, please contact us. Your account specialist can help you determine which type of order is right for you.  

How Private Labeling Works

We can create and print labels for you for a small one-time fee or you can provide us with your labels and packaging materials.

We then bottle, cap, label and pack your order and ship to you or your destination of choice. We can handle both small orders (250 or so bottles) and large orders (10,000+).

Minimum total for your initial order is $2,500.00 in any combination as long as you get at least 15 each of each of the products you have selected.

Inquire below and we’ll get back to you asap.  

Highest Quality Products

All of our oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. We are proud to offer the highest quality essential oils available.

Our oils are tested to meet the world standards and we guarantee the purity and quality of our products.

No synthetics, GMOs or harmful chemicals are used in growing or distillation process. Every oil is GC/MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) tested.

Why choose Balen Nutrilife?

Pure & natural products made with care.

30 years of experience in bee products, honey and food supplements.    

Great price for the quality products.

Hassle-free shipping and customer service.   

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